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Cloud Managed Indoor Sensors

Protect your critical IT infrastructure.

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Real-time visibility into IT environments made simple

Protect your critical IT infrastructure through the power of the Cisco Meraki platform and simple-to-deploy Meraki MT cloud managed indoor sensors

Peace of mind through business resiliency

Remote monitoring and flexible alerting give you control over your environment. Ensure optimal conditions to maximize uptime, minimize loss, and digitally transform your organization with cloud managed indoor sensors.

Business Resiliency
Gain Value

Gain value in less time

Quickly provision and manage thousands of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, leaks, and intrusion. Simply insert the batteries and add to the dashboard. MT cloud managed indoor sensors automatically connect to existing MR and MV devices. Say good-bye to on-premise servers, dedicated gateways, and management software.

Drive smarter decisions through data

Understand trends about your physical environment. Improve safety, security, and operational decision-making through a data-driven approach. Build on top of the Meraki platform using APIs or the vast ecosystem partner community and further enhance operations.

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Drive Smarter Decisions
Secure IoT Devices

Secure IoT devices seamlessly

Each Meraki MT sensor features a Trust Anchor module (TAm), which securely authenticates the device and encrypts all communication with the sensor gateways. Combined with automated firmware updates, Meraki MT sensors pack a powerful security punch in a smart package.

Harness the power of the Meraki platform

Meraki Platform

Simple to deploy

Meraki MT sensors connect automatically to existing MR or MV devices.


The magic of Meraki comes to the IoT sensor world, the Meraki dashboard makes it easy to configure and manage multiple sites from anywhere.

Customizable to your needs

Flexible alert options, including webhooks and APIs to aggregate sensor data with other business information systems in thid-party applications.


Centralized Cloud Icon

Centralized cloud management

The Meraki dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your Meraki products -- from MRs to MVs to MT sensors -- from anywhere in the world

Flexible Alerts Icon

Flexible alerts

Set customized thresholds for devices and receive alerts via SMS, push notifications, email, or use webhooks to connect to your platform of choice.

Bluetooth Icon

Automatic Bluetooth connectivity

Using 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), sensors automatically connect to your MV and MR devices in the same network.

Seamless Setup Icon

Seamless setup and installation at scale

Wire-free installation, flexible mounting options, and automatic pairing makes it easy to provision thousands of cloud managed indoor sensors in a short amount of time.

Storage Icon

Onboard storage

Five days of onboard storage keeps data safe in the event of an outage.

Battery Lfe Icon

Long battery life

Field-replaceable AA batteries, with up to five years of battery life, provide one less thing to worry about.

Open API Icon

Open API

Automate analysis outside of the dashboard, link to third-party services, and aggregate MT data with information from other business systems.

Secure and Up-to-date Icon

Secure and always up-to-date

Trusted Anchor module (TAm) enables a secure key to exchange data between the gateway and sensor. Automatic firmware updates keep things running smoothly.


Cloud Managed Indoor Sensors

Cisco Systems, Inc
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Cisco Systems, Inc
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Meraki MT12 Cloud-Managed Indoor Water Leak Detection Sensor
Cisco Systems, Inc
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Meraki Cloud-Managed Indoor Open/Close Sensor
Cisco Systems, Inc
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